Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Morning Sweep

New York Republican Assemblymember Fred Thiele, who previously voted against the marriage bill, has announced his support for it, saying: “In 2007, I…let my judgment on this issue be clouded by the political implications of this vote. There is no place for politics when it comes to civil rights. As I reflected on this issue, there simply was no justification for a ‘no’ vote [this year]. I could not look into the eyes of friends and colleagues I have known for decades and tell them they were not entitled to the same pursuit of happiness as me because of their sexual orientation.”

A new University of Albany poll of Latinos in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island found that half support same-sex marriage or civil unions.

Marriage bills are advancing in New Hampshire and Maine:

In NH, the House will take a final vote today on the revised bill, which is expected to pass. Gov. John Lynch has not made it clear whether he will veto the bill or sign it.

In Maine, the House voted 89-58 to pass the marriage bill, and it must now be reconciled with the Senate version before going to Gov. John Baldacci, who has also not made it clear whether he will veto or sign.

The New York Times writes on both states’ bills and the possibility of marriage equality throughout New England.

The New York Times
editorializes in favor of passing the Matthew Shepard Act.

Washington D.C.’s Council has given final approval to its bill to fully recognize same-sex marriages legally performed elsewhere. The bill is now up for U.S. Congressional review, where Congress Republicans plan to fight it.

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