Friday, November 9, 2007

Morning Sweep

An editorial in The New York Times praises the "long overdue" vote on ENDA and agrees with moving incrementally to achieve civil rights victories. It also calls out Republicans who voted against the bill and George Bush who threatens to veto it for being mimics of all previous groups who have used similar arguments throughout history to oppose the advancement of civil rights.

The opposition has plenty to say about the passage of ENDA, too.

The Washington Blade reports on vague positions held by Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson on a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage.

A majority of Americans support civil unions, according to a recent ABC poll. The poll didn't ask about positions on marriage.

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David said...

Thanks for your continued persererence and dedication with this blog. It is a delight to read your summary every day -- and much appreciated.

As an aside, I was wondering if there's any way to indicate "unfriendly" links. That is, in the case of this "Morning Sweep," I followed your link for "plenty to say" and ended up on the Focus on the Family (ugh) blog (but the linked domain is called the vague ""). I'd rather avoid giving them the hit for their advertising and such and would prefer to use the Google cache to look at what they're saying.

I rather expected to link to some article ABOUT what those bigots are saying rather than the horse's mouth. I have no objection to your linking to them, but would it be possible to flag such links in some way that would indicate they're to a "questionable" source?

Again, I REALLY appreciate your work in getting this out every day!