Monday, November 12, 2007

Morning Sweep

The New York Times calls for full marriage equality in New Jersey.

Barack Obama articulates his strategy on achieving LGBT equality and specifically addresses the controversy caused by including Donnie McClurkin in a campaign event.

Recent marketing research shows that LGBT people seem to be online more than heterosexuals.

An Elmira-area high school student/contributor to the Elmira Gazette explains her reaction to Dumbledore's sexual orientation.

A new student group called the Queer Action Coalition has been successfully launched at SUNY New Paltz as a place for students to learn about the LGBT community and participate in queer-oriented programming.

Andy Humm writes about New York's role in the fight for transgender rights.

Jeremy over at Good As You has starting "vlogging," which is like the mid-2000s version of "voguing." Check it out!

Pam Spaulding looks at the diversity (or lack, thereof) of each presidential candidates' campaign staff and points out that the former mayor of America's most diverse city has hardly and women or people of color on his staff.

Pam also featured a live-blog interview with openly gay Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Jim Neal, who is looking to challenge Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina.

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