Friday, November 16, 2007

Morning Sweep

The NY Post reports that Gov. Spitzer will make passage of the marriage bill a priority in 2009.

Mary J. Blige talks to The Advocate about her longtime support for the LGBT community. (via Towleroad)

Syracuse University's LGBT group is partnering up with the campus Health Center to promote a campaign to help students quit smoking.

The Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens voted last night to endorse Hillary Clinton.

Gay City News Editor in Chief Paul Schindler looks at the missteps that HRC took throughout the ENDA ordeal. He cites the Pride Agenda's legislative scorecard as an example of the kinds of tools that HRC could have used to be more transparent in their vote counting.

The federal Hate Crimes Bill may be in jeopardy in the House of Representatives because of its inclusion within the Iraq war funding bill.

Because of a procedural technicality, the Pennsylvania High Court has struck down the state's hate crimes law. Gov. Ed Rendell "urged lawmakers to immediately approve appropriate legislation reinstating the measure."

Very smartly, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (NV) may use a rarely used technical tactic to prevent President Bush from appointing his anti-gay nominee for Surgeon General during the Senate's recess.

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