Monday, November 26, 2007

Morning Sweep

Gay City News' Michael Luongo goes to the front lines and reports on life for LGBT people--Iraqis, Kurds, Americans, etc--who are living in/dealing with post-war Iraq.

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm signed an executive order last week to protect transgender state employees from discrimination.

The New York Post reports on a scandal in Long Island involving a doctor who allegedly had sex with a male patient in his examination room.

A lesbian pastor at a Lutheran church in the Bronx may be defrocked because she is living openly in a same-sex relationship.

Columbia University, home to the country's oldest LGBT campus group, has reopened the space that students claimed for the organization in 1972.

The New York Times looks at the status of the global AIDS pandemic in the context of last week's announcement by UNAIDS that the rate of infection has plateaued.

A Times Op-Ed contributor looks at the history of marriage and argues that couples should decide whether or not they wish to enter into the legal protective framework provided through marriage--and governments and especially churches should not interfere.

HRC gave Wal-Mart a bad rating in its guide to holiday shopping because the global retail giant doesn't offer domestic partner benefits to its employees with same-sex partners.

Gay issues play a large role as Mitt Romney attacks Rudy Giuliani in New Hampshire.

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