Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Morning Sweep

The Star-Gazette in Elmira, NY writes about the controversy over a sign in the window of a local insurance agency that says "Save the kids. Say no to gay marriage in NY." We'd love to read the whole story, but apparently we have to buy today's print version of the Elmira Star-Gazette in order to do so. Queerty has more.

California's battle for LGBT rights is heating up, according to the San Diego Union Tribune. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed seven of eight pieces of pro-LGBT legislation earlier this year, but vetoed the marriage bill. Still, right-wing religious groups are launching referendum campaigns to repeal some of the newly-passed laws.

Hungary is set to be the next country to take up legislation that would recognize same-sex couples in some areas of the law.

The openly gay town supervisor of Salina, NY is calling for a law that would recognize "same-sex partnerships" in the town.

NYU's paper features a very interesting piece about what happens when LGBT NYU students travel abroad to NYU's proposed "mini-campus" in the United Arab Emirates, where "acts of homosexuality" are illegal.

The Advocate reveals more about HRC's poll on whether or not the LGB community would support an ENDA that did not include transgender protections.

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