Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Morning Sweep

The New York Times new blog (run by the editorial board) called "The Board" discusses remarks given by retiring career diplomat and former Ambassador to Romania Michael Guest. Guest, who is openly gay, uses his last official moment in front of the foreign service corps to very tastefully lambaste the U.S. State Department for not recognizing same-sex couples as family.

As part of its efforts to bring in even more tourists, New York City is launching a marketing campaign directed towards LGBT travellers and their expendable incomes.

The Louisville (KY) Courier Journal reports on the exploding numbers of same-sex couples reported over the last decade in the fly-over states (anything NOT on a coast...) saying, "Now either there's been a wildly successful gay recruitment campaign, or lots more lesbian and gay couples are "coming out" on government surveys." Our money's on the latter.

A story in the Baltimore Sun today reveals that black "men who have sex with men" are twice as likely to contract HIV than white gay men.

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