Friday, December 28, 2007

Looking Ahead

With events in Pakistan, Iowa and New Hampshire dominating the news across New York, what’s left is primarily “year in review” detritus and we’ll spare you all of that.

We’ll see you next year.

It will be a busy one here in New York for us -- no big surprise there. The Legislature goes into session on January 9 when Governor Spitzer gives his State-of-the-State address. We also have critical elections looming in November that will determine whether we win our equality here in New York sooner rather than later.

The Pride Agenda has been busy these past few months planning and planning and -- well you know -- all that stuff that has to be done in order to be the best advocates we know how to be. Alan, our Executive Director, will be in Albany very regularly, if not weekly, as he was last year, to talk to legislators and policymakers about our issues. And LGBT New Yorkers and our friends will be going to Albany en masse on April 29 to remind elected officials in person there is much work to be done and legislation to pass.

So relax these next few days. And then get ready to work with us in what we hope will be an exciting and fruitful 2008. ;>)

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