Monday, December 24, 2007

Morning Sweep

Middle Collegiate Church in the East Village, a participant in our Pride in the Pulpit program, is the subject of a complaint letter that was sent to the leadership of the Reformed Church of America. Several member churches in the Midwest are upset about Middle Church’s support for marriage for same-sex couples.

Over in New Hampshire, the Concord Monitor has a front page article that is the most comprehensive piece I’ve read about Mike Huckabee and gay issues and the Huffington Post shows how Huckabee calibrates his anti-gay positions in Iowa based upon his audience.

What would Hillary do on day one on issues like DOMA if she becomes President? The Concord Monitor in another front page article says “cautious change, not dramatic upheaval.”

The Boston-based weekly Bay Windows provides us with its guide to the Presidential candidates on LGBT issues, including “The Good” and “The Bad.” (Santa, you better put on your spectacles and give this a read before firing up the sleigh tonight.)

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Anonymous said...

Who fires up a sleigh??? What happened to the reindeer? Back in my day, we used to sing songs about "on Dancer..." and so and so forth. This makes it sound like its a part of some, er, "flaming" Agenda.