Friday, December 14, 2007

Morning Sweep

According to a 60 Minutes segment, obeying the discriminatory "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy matters less to the military chain of command during times of war--when retaining quality soldiers is vitally important.

Anti-gay marriage groups in Florida claim that they have enough signatures to get a measure on the ballot that would, if passed, make Florida the 28th state to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage.

Gay reporter Doug Ireland and CBS/Logo news anchor Jason Bellini have been exchanging verbal jabs after Ireland accused the CBS/Logo news segment titled "Special Report: Year in Review" of being "show-biz fluff."

The Oneonta Daily Star reports on a concert in New York City that will benefit the Ali Forney Center for homeless LGBT youth.

The Pope, in the spirit of the holidays, has called same-sex marriage (along with abortion and birth control) a threat to world peace.

Queerty has posted Jim Neal's new ad, which takes shots at Republicans and Democrats. Neal is the openly gay and highly qualified candidate for U.S. Senate in North Carolina who is challenging Elizabeth Dole, but has yet to secure support from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (headed by NY Senator Chuck Schumer).

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