Thursday, December 6, 2007

Morning Sweep

The Boy Scouts in Philadelphia have lost the lease on a building that they've inhabited since 1928 because of their anti-gay policies.

An Elmira-based lay preacher writes in the Elmira Star-Gazette that Christians should not be using the bible to justify their bias against gays and lesbians.

A philosophy professor at SUNY Fredonia also thinks that arguments against same-sex marriage are ridiculous.

The 21-year old gay Iranian man whose death sentence was stayed a few weeks ago by the Iranian Chief Justice was executed this morning without any warning.

The Advocate reports that Log Cabin Republicans aren't endorsing any candidates in the Republican presidential primaries.

A GQ interview provides more reasons why a Mike Huckabee presidency would be scary for LGBT people...or anyone who values separation between church and state.

Mombian provides a list of LGBT-inclusive gifts for children.

In a message to Julia Roberts (who was receiving an award from American Cinematique), George Clooney and Brad Pitt parody a certain Idaho senator.

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Paul said...

I'd like to commend the Philadelphia Government for taking such a bold stand. The Boy Scouts have long been a saving-grace for many inner-city, at-risk boys; however their bigoted policy against open homosexuality creates a discriminatory climate where it's Scout's are led to believe that the LGBT community are second-class citizens and un-Godly.

This was a difficult but very important decision for the Philadelphia Government and they should be congratulated for making the right one.