Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hillary or Obama? Key LGBT newspapers and bloggers across New York make their decisions

A number of New York’s leading LGBT newspapers and bloggers who have deep roots in the LGBT community have made their decisions about who they support for President. We've also uncovered the views of two who remain officially neutral, but have nevertheless shown some of their thinking about Hillary and Obama.

Here’s how it’s shaking out heading into Tuesday:

· NYC-based heavyweight newspaper Gay City News evokes John F. Kennedy in its endorsement of Barack Obama. In its print version on the page directly opposite its endorsement, Gay City News’ founding associate publisher Troy Masters cites “ideas and solutions” in writing about his support for Hillary Clinton.

· Empty Closet in Rochester hasn't endorsed, but its long-time editor Susan Jordan says the Gay City News endorsement of Obama is "troubling" and decides to post a comment on GCN's website (see comment #7). Jordan calls Tuesday's choice a “vote-for-the--lesser-of-two-evils time again.”

· NYC-based newspaper New York Blade endorses Hillary Clinton and cites experience as a factor.

· Leading national LGBT and civil rights activist David Mixner, who blogs from Sullivan County, announced his support today for Barack Obama. Mixner was once a leading LGBT supporter of John Edwards. He cites the war and the need to bring America together again for endorsing Obama.

· Libby Post, an Albany-based LGBT activist who blogs and has a syndicated column that runs in several LGBT publications, makes no endorsement but appears to favor Obama. Edwards was once her favorite.

· Blabbeando’s Andres Duque who blogs from Jackson Heights in Queens supports Obama .

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