Friday, February 15, 2008

Morning Sweep

Fifty-five same-sex couples took part in a mass-civil union ceremony in Atlantic City last night. The event was held to mark the first Valentine's Day same-sex couples in NJ could legally be joined together.

Maryland's Attorney General has publicly announced his support for legislation that would make it legal for same-sex couples to marry.

The Southern Voice highlights the often overlooked divide between the priorities of general LGBT advocacy groups and those of groups that specifically represent LGBT people of color.

A columnist in the North Country Gazette looks at some of the court battles being waged over the increasing presence of LGBT issues in public schools across the country.

Departing NGLTF Executive Director Matt Foreman took some shots at openly gay Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank for Frank's role in passing ENDA last year in the House without transgender protections.

A public school in Colorado is making sure it is a safe, welcoming place for a transgender third grader.

A gay group in Elmira is hosting a fundraiser for a local church's aid work in Guatemala to thank the church for their years of support of the local LGBT community.

Towleroad has a round-up of the coverage on the very sad incident of the gay 14-year old in California who was shot in the head by one of his peers while in class.

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