Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Morning Sweep

Arizona Republicans are again trying to get a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage on the ballot this November, even though voters rejected the first attempt in 2006.

The Washington Blade talks to Hillary Clinton about LGBT issues in anticipation of today's "Potomac Primaries."

White evangelicals are no longer solidly Republican, as issues like jobs and the economy now overtake abortion and gay marriage as priority for some.

A lesbian couple in Denver, Colorado is challenging in court the state's voter-approved (in 2006) constitutional amendment banning same-sex unions.

Karl Rove spoke to Choate students yesterday and was grilled by an astute young woman on the reasons for his campaign against same-sex marriage. She bested him with each response he came up with until he, pathetically, resorted to the old (and horribly irrelevant) polygamy cop-out.

Rod McCullom brings to light an interesting and sad bi-product of the recent violence in Kenya: HIV-positive people are having an increasingly difficult time getting access to necessary medication.

A photo taken of a gay Hungarian couple, who were the target of a hate attack, has won a World Press Photo Award.

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