Monday, February 4, 2008

Morning Sweep

A New York appellate court ruled last Friday that same-sex marriages legally performed in Canada should be treated as any other legal marriage in New York. It is unclear whether or not the case will be appealed.

The Buffalo News writes about local "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" challenger Darren Manzella, who remains on active duty even though he publicly came out.

The Democrat & Chronicle in Rochester covered the Gay Alliance of Genesee Valley's screening of "Anyone and Everyone," a documentary that looks at the relationship between parents and their gay children shortly after they come out.

Kerry Eleveld at The Advocate reports that a large number (22 of 59) of of John Edwards' LGBT supporters, including David Mixner, have now pledged their support to Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton was interviewed by Logo's Jason Bellini. See the video here.

After some initial confusion early in January over a petition miscount, Floridians will be voting on a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage this coming November.

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