Friday, February 29, 2008

Morning Sweep

As Bill Clinton was once called the first black president, some are suggesting that Barack Obama could become the first gay president. Ben Smith has some evidence that suggests this might be true.

Coincidentally (or not?) Barack Obama has released an open letter to the LGBT community reaffirming his commitment to LGBT equality. Bloomberg News, meanwhile, reports that Obama is eroding Hillary Clinton's traditionally solid base of LGBT support.

According to Liz Benjamin, State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, while at a dinner at Gracie Mansion last night, praised Democratic Senator Rubin Diaz Sr. for "going against the grain" by opposing issues like abortion and gay marriage.

Protesters at a Pride celebration in Elmira last year will be on trial for unlawful disruption starting today.

A columnist for the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle calls upon the words of Sojourner Truth to question the arguments presented by Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks, who is appealing a court decision that would recognize same-sex marriages that were legally performed out of state.

Six openly gay candidates are running for various local offices in next Tuesday's election in Texas.

Massachusetts, by having enacted fully marriage equality, is attracting some smart out-of-towners.

New York State Senator Eric Schneiderman (and longtime friend of the LGBT community) has contributed an article to The Nation talking about the need for progressive causes to rise above transactional politics.

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