Monday, June 2, 2008

Morning Sweep

Gas prices, property taxes, and deficits, oh my! These and others are the hot-button issues in Albany as the end of the legislative session nears.

Citing religious beliefs and freedom of expression, Harlem residents have mixed feelings about their native son, Gov. Paterson’s, gay marriage directive.

Reactions to the Ca. marriage decision from the Lone Star State, where a constitutional amendment was passed in 2005 declaring marriage a union between a man and a woman. Short-term solution: gay Texans travel to California to wed.

In Wisconsin, a political science professor loses a lawsuit to strike down state ban prohibiting not only gay marriage but also civil unions for all residents.

Will Barack Obama stand up for marriage equality?

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter extends legal protections to LGBT residents.

Alameda County, Ca. activist would be the first known transgender Supreme Court judge in the nation.

No rest for the weary as Moscow’s mayor, police and Orthodox Church squash LGBT rights demonstration.

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