Wednesday, October 1, 2008

David Nachbar for the 55th Senate District

The Pride Agenda is proud to announce our endorsement of David R. Nachbar, who is challenging Republican Senator Jim Alesi in the 55th State Senate District (representing part of Monroe County).

David Nachbar is a strong supporter of LGBT rights who has made it clear that he will not stand for any kind of discrimination. In his previous position as Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Bausch & Lomb, Nachbar helped the company achieve a perfect score from HRC’s Corporate Equality Index by extending equal benefits to the domestic partners of employees.

Nachbar told The Albany Project that he is running because “right now we’re at a very important point of time, an important moment of choice, and that is that we can choose between staying down the path that we’re on right now – a path which has failed – or we can choose to take a new direction.” Nachbar would lead the charge in the Senate in the direction of equality for all New Yorkers. In his Pride Agenda candidate questionnaire, he could not have been any clearer in his support of the LGBT community when he said: “I believe that the civil rights issue of our time is equality for the LGBT community, and I will unequivocally support any measure that will contribute to full equality for LGBT people under the law.”

In addition to his commitment to vote for issues like marriage equality, banning discrimination against transgender people and making schools safe for LGBT youth, Nachbar would take the extra step to co-sponsor these bills. In his candidate questionnaire, he also expressed a strong desire to do whatever it takes to advance equality for the LGBT community, including holding press conferences, hosting and attending forums, meeting with constituents, and working together with the Pride Agenda.

Nachbar’s opponent is six-term incumbent Jim Alesi. Alesi does not support the LGBT community – according to the Pride Agenda’s Legislative Scorecard, he is strongly opposed to marriage equality, and has gone so far as to be a public supporter and co-sponsor of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Alesi has indicated that he is also opposed to banning discrimination against transgender New Yorkers, and although he has told constituents that he would consider supporting legislation that would make schools safe for LGBT youth, he has not taken any steps to move the bill forward. Alesi also voted against the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act when it passed in 2002.

As Nachbar has said, this election is about moving in a new direction in New York State. For 12 years, Jim Alessi has perpetuated discrimination and inequality for LGBT people and if re-elected, will do more of the same. For voters who are concerned with civil rights and real progress for all New Yorkers, David Nachbar is the only choice for Senator in the 55th Senate District.

For more information on how you can volunteer to help get Nachbar elected, visit our online Election Center, and if you live in the 55th Senate District, vote for David Nachbar on Tuesday, November 4.

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David is a decent guy.