Thursday, October 30, 2008

Morning Sweep

A front page Wall Street Journal article takes a look at same-sex couples who have gotten civil unions, domestic partnerships and marriages in multiple places, all in an effort to make their unions as secure as possible.

The New York Times covers Arizona’s same-sex marriage ban ballot measure. A similar measure was rejected by AZ voters in 2006.

If California’s Prop. 8 passes, experts predict a period of “legal chaos” for same-sex couples who married in the state between June and November.

California labor unions have not only donated money to the “No on 8” campaign, but have also included messages against the proposition in their campaign literature.

A legal opinion released by the Connecticut Attorney General says that all justices of the peace in the state must perform same-sex marriages and cannot opt out of the ceremonies due to their personal beliefs.

Voters in parts of South Carolina are receiving phony robo-calls from an unknown source that is claiming to be a gay rights group. The calls are trying to scare voters from choosing State Senate candidate Mandy Powers Norrell by saying she is for same-sex marriage and abortion rights.

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