Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Morning Sweep

Another legal challenge to New York’s policy of granting equal benefits to same-sex couples legally married elsewhere is scheduled to begin today.

The editorial board of the New York Times writes in their blog that there’s a good chance the backlash to Connecticut’s newly legal same-sex marriage won’t be successful.

The Atlantic has a comprehensive story on transgender children.

A group that believes gays can be cured says that “ex-gays” are often discriminated against, and is suing the Washington D.C. Office of Human Rights, claiming that DC doesn’t include “ex-gays” in its non-discrimination laws.

Enough of those claims that college professors with liberal agendas indoctrinate their students to the left on issues like same-sex marriage and abortion. A new study shows that it’s students’ peers, not their instructors, who change their minds.

Pride Agenda Board Co-Chair Frank Selvaggi writes on David Mixner’s blog about the need to raise more money to defeat California’s Prop. 8.

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