Thursday, October 2, 2008

Morning Sweep

In his first ever interview with a gay publication, John McCain told the Washington Blade that he will leave “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” up to military officials, that he doesn’t support the federal DOMA because of states’ rights, and that he respects gay couples who adopt children but doesn’t see it as the best option. So, basically nothing new.

Sarah Palin’s gotten just a slight bit of negative feedback over her “isn’t a choice I have made” comments about homosexuality. Get riled up before tonight’s debate here and here.

Responding to negative backlash against this story about gay teens’ hopes to raise families in the future, a Staten Island Advance columnist writes in support of same-sex parents.

A second challenge to Florida’s gay adoption ban began yesterday, from a gay foster parent who wants to legally adopt two brothers who have lived with him for three years.

In Arkansas, children’s advocacy groups are trying to get the ban on unmarried foster parents lifted. The ban means gays can’t be foster parents at all.

The fate of Arizona’s same-sex marriage ban will most likely be up to the voters who are currently still undecided.

Lambda Legal has filed a federal lawsuit in Tennessee against the police department for releasing the names and photos of 40 men arrested in a public sex sting operation.

Although AIDS wasn’t formally recognized in the U.S. until 1981, a new study reveals that the virus may have originated up to 100 years ago.

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