Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Morning Sweep - Connecticut marriage and more

In a story on how Connecticut same-sex marriage will affect New York and the upcoming election, Pride Agenda Executive Director Alan Van Capelle is quoted: “This is no longer a wedge issue. I don't think many American voters have patience for candidates or elected officials who are going to use the weeks before the election to discuss marriage equality, instead of how to shore up our economy."

The New York Times and Gay City News have great analyses of the Conn. same-sex marriage case and its political and social implications.

There are no residency requirements or waiting periods for marriage in Conn., so same-sex New York couples will easily be able get married there.

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell doesn’t support the Supreme Court decision, but she says she’ll uphold it.

But Rell is in the minority – the majority of Conn. residents support the ruling.

Not surprisingly, President Bush also opposes the Conn. court decision. His official statement criticized “activist judges” and threatened the need for a federal constitutional amendment limiting marriage to a man and woman.

Too bad for Bush: Gay City reports that Conn. same-sex marriage is likely here to stay – it does not face very much potential opposition.

In other news:

A new campaign to raise awareness of gay and lesbian seniors will feature ads on buses and subways in New York.

Same-sex couples are rushing to the altar in California before Election Day, fearing that Prop. 8 may pass.

The Boston Globe has an interesting story on immigrants seeking asylum in the U.S. because they’re gay.

A judge has ruled that the city of San Diego did not act illegally when it required four firefighters to march in a gay pride parade. Although this ruling rejects an injunction barring the city from requiring participation in parades, the firefighters’ lawsuit against the city will still be retried early next year.

Allan Spear, one of the country’s first openly gay politicians, died over the weekend.

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