Thursday, March 5, 2009

Morning Sweep

Last night, thousands of people marched from San Francisco's Castro District to City Hall to demonstrate their desire for the CA Supreme Court to invalidate Prop. 8. Oral arguments will take place today from noon to 3 PM Eastern time, and will be broadcast live online here.

The LA Times editorial board writes on the factors the Supreme Court will ponder in the Prop. 8 case: “Considering the ease with which a well-funded ballot initiative can garner millions of votes, the state -- and the high court -- would do well to consider how easily the majority can tyrannize a minority through the amendment process.”

Queerty has an interview with the National Center for Lesbian Rights’ Executive Director Kate Kendall on their legal arguments against Prop. 8. NCLR legal director Shannon Minter will present these arguments today.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has indicated that her first two LGBT-related legislative priorities are an inclusive hate crimes law and an inclusive ENDA.

Legislators in Oregon have introduced their state’s version of a Dignity for All Students bill to protect all students – including LGBT students – from bullying in schools.

A Minneapolis news magazine has a comprehensive story on trans youth.

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