Friday, March 27, 2009

Morning Sweep

Gay City News Editor in Chief Paul Schindler reports on Mayor Bloomberg's restatement of support for marriage equality, noting that the mayor made some of his strongest statements on the issue to date by promising "to go with Christine Quinn up to Albany and to testify and to do whatever it takes to keep the pressure on."

There is good news and bad news surrounding the movement of marriage bill in Vermont and New Hampshire.

In Delaware it's all good news: a bill that would have banned marriages between same-sex couples was defeated in the State Senate and one that would outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation passed in the State House.

Researchers from UC Davis in California and Mt. Sinai Medical Center in NYC have filmed for the first time an HIV-infected T-cell infecting a healthy cell. Towleroad has the fascinating video, which scientists hope will aid them in developing more effective HIV/AIDS treatments.

Britain's National Portrait Gallery announced that its "Gay Icon" exhibition will open in July--and don't be surprised if some of first names that pop into your head are missing from it. Of course, Queerty puts in their two cents on what should make a bona fide gay icon.

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