Monday, March 9, 2009

Morning Sweep

Amid the outcry from LGBT advocates that police have been arresting gay men at NYC adult shops on false prostitution charges, the NYPD has decided that similar investigations will now have to be approved by the department's higher-ups.

The Memorial United Methodist Church in White Plains has a new roommate: The Loft, a widely-known LGBT community center, has moved into vacant office space at the church after accepting a gracious invitation to co-habitate.

Reflecting on the CA Supreme Court seemingly leaning towards upholding Prop. 8 but still recognizing the 18,000 already-performed same-sex marriages, the L.A. Times writes on the repercussions for those marriages. Although some couples say they will be glad to have their marriages’ recognition solidified, they’re sad that they will be “on an island” and part of a small minority that their unmarried gay friends won’t be able to join.

The Advocate profiles seven LGBT White House appointees.

U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin will soon introduce the Domestic Partner Benefits & Obligations Act, which would extend benefits such as health, life and disability insurance to same-sex partners.

At a meeting at the European Parliament, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received praise for saying: "In particular, persecution and discrimination against gays and lesbians is something we take very seriously."

Nearly 2,000 marriage equality advocates rallied in downtown Honolulu on Saturday in support of the state’s civil union bill.

Connecticut Catholic churches who don’t want to perform marriages for same-sex couples don’t have to. But for the Connecticut Catholic Conference, that’s not enough; they’re asking lawmakers to expand those who don't have to comply with the state's same-sex marriage law to florists, wedding photographers and justices of the peace. We have to second Republican Sen. John Kissel’s sentiments on this (even though he opposes same-sex marriage): “A law preventing a Catholic caterer from serving guests at a same-sex marriage could also be used by a Protestant baker who doesn't want to sell a cake to a Catholic father for his son's first communion. It could just as easily turn against each and every Catholic in the state of Connecticut." Amen.

Legislation in Kentucky to prohibit gay couples from adopting will advance to the Senate floor for a vote.

Two openly gay Minnesota lawmakers don’t see eye to eye on marriage equality. Gay Democratic Sen. Scott Dibble has proposed marriage equality legislation, but gay Republican Sen. Paul Koering opposes it, saying there are more “pressing issues” to focus on, like the economy.

The newest pointless, inaccurate study to hit the Internet declares that NYC is the least "manly" city in North America -- if you define manliness by factors like frequency of monster truck rallies and "emasculating" factors such as the number of home furnishing stores and subscription rates to beauty magazines. Wait a second...did we say inaccurate?

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