Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Morning Sweep

A bill is moving through Connecticut's state legislature that would essentially confirm the State Supreme Court's marriage decision and automatically transfer all civil unions conducted before the decision into marriages by 2010.

A recently formed West Point LGBT alumni association has been grabbing a lot of headlines lately in their campaign to apply pressure for the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell."

In a first for New York, a state Supreme Court judge has allowed a married lesbian couple (they went to Canada in 2004) in Binghamton to legally divorce.

Vermont Governor Jim Douglas has been receiving a lot of mail since he stated that he would veto a same-sex marriage bill if passed by the state legislature (which is highly likely). Currently the pro-marriage equality letter writers are outnumbering the anti-equality forces by 60% - 40%.

In other Vermont marriage news--former governor-slash-presidential candidate-slash-DNC chairman Howard Dean is urging democratic lawmakers to pass the marriage equality bill.

Evan Wolfson writes on the Huffington Post about the imminent California Supreme Court decision on Prop 8 and argues that the Court should do what courts are constitutionally charged with doing: protecting a targeted minority.

A report released by the European Union shows that LGBT people across Europe face widespread discrimination and harassment.

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