Thursday, March 19, 2009

Morning Sweep

The Ithaca College student paper has a great Q&A with Rabbi Steven Greenberg, the first Orthodox rabbi to publicly come out in 1999.

Remember the guy who got in trouble for climbing the New York Times building? His daredevil stunt resulted in time for a good cause -- He’ll be serving his community service sentence at Gay Men’s Health Crisis.

Everyone is up in arms about the Pope’s recent statements that condoms help spread HIV/AIDS, but David Mixner’s blog on the topic is the most eloquent and direct that we’ve seen so far.

Hundreds of people attended yesterday’s public hearing on the Vermont marriage equality bill.

GLSEN reports that transgender students are more likely to face harassment in schools that their lesbian, gay and bisexual peers, but that they’re also more likely to speak out about LGBT issues.

An openly gay candidate is running for mayor of Guadalajara, Mexico.

A radical right “news service” reports the story of the new definition of marriage in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Too bad they’re six years too late on this “breaking news” – the change was made in 2003.

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