Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Logo, HRC to host first-ever presidential debate (discussion) on LGBT issues

So far Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards have committed to participating. This is a groundbreaking event--never before have top-tier presidential candidates come together during a primary season to discuss LGBT issues.

Joe Solomonese (HRC's Exec. Director) and Melissa Etheridge will moderate/emcee the August 9 event, (a lesbian in our office wonders why the male is a political figure/advocate and the female is an entertainer...) which will be broadcast live on Logo from Los Angeles.

Republicans are also invited to participate.

Read the press release here (via Queerty)


Anonymous said...

Will this debate be streamed or "YouTubed" for those of us without LOGO?

Anonymous said...

The HRC is not inviting to this debate the only democratic presidential candidate who has long favored same-sex marriage: former Senator Mike Gravel. He thinks it's just so that the frontrunners (Hillary, Obama, Edwards) feel more comfortable with nobody challenging their less progressive positions on gay rights (mainly: support for civil unions but nor for marriage).
Gravel just blogged about it on The Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sen-mike-gravel/why-i-wasnt-invited-to-t_b_55931.html