Thursday, July 12, 2007

Morning Sweep

Gay City News wonders how to keep Democratic presidential contenders accountable for the many promises that they seem to be making to the LGBT community during the 2008 election.

A Republican Florida state representative was nabbed by an undercover cop for solicitation (of the male-to-male variety). He also happens to be the co-chair of John McCain's Florida campaign operations. Naturally, he's denying everything.

The Colorado Springs Independent profiles Tim Gill's (and his foundation's) involvement in helping to elect LGBT-friendly lawmakers in state legislature races.

Fifty prominent straight Oregonians are publicly voicing their support for two significant pro-LGBT bills that are under attack from anti-gay groups.

The American Public Health Association opposes Pres. Bush's selection of Dr. James Holsinger as the next U.S. Surgeon General because his views on homosexuality "put his political and religious ideology before established medical science." This is only the second time that the group, which is made up of 50,000 public health officials, has opposed a Surgeon General nominee.

The New York Times also opposes the Holsinger nomination.

Michael Moore on his gay following, big pharma and HIV/AIDS, and possibly making a movie about gay rights (or the lack, thereof).

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