Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Morning Sweep

In a highly charged column on the Huffington Post, Gabriel Rotello attacks the Andrew Sullivan-promoted theory of sero-sorting--a method of allegedly preventing the spread of H.I.V.

A bouncer at the Caliente Cab Company restaurant in NYC's West Village kicked a lesbian out of the women's restroom--and then forced her party to leave--because of her masculine appearance.

Ben Smith writes that gays and Indians are big targets for Democratic fundraisers this year.

Queerty tells us that Bill Gates is helping to bail PlanetOut out of their financial troubles.

An anti-gay man in Massachusetts is suing the state Supreme Court for including a question about gay marriage in the state bar exam, claiming that his ethical disagreement with the question resulted in his failure. Idiot.

***There will be no Morning Sweep tomorrow, July 4. I know, sad. But enjoy the fireworks!

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