Friday, July 6, 2007

Morning Sweep

John Kiley and Gene Silbert--who have been a couple for 54 years--are starting an organization that will grant scholarships to gay and lesbian student athletes who have given something back to their community.

The Advocate's Kerry Eleveld profiles dark horse (pro-marriage equality) Democratic presidential candidate Mike Gravel, who recently spoke to an LGBT audience at a Queerty-sponsored event. You can see his unorthodox campaign ad here.

Hillary caused a stir with a statistic she used about HIV/AIDS in a debate in front of Howard University students. And Barack Obama caused controversy when he made a joke about his own HIV test during the same debate.

The Washington Blade writes about LGBT organizations who have started blogging. The Agenda isn't mentioned, but I can understand that some blogs need more PR than we do.

Time Magazine examines the issue of gay couples adopting, citing a recent law passed in Colorado allowing for second-parent adoption for non-married couples.

Pam Spaulding reports on a NYC man who was fired from his job at a jeweler after coming out to his religious boss. She also cites the case as another reason for the passage of the federal ENDA--but we might remind her that New York also has a sexual orientation non-discrimination act, which already makes this action illegal under New York State law.

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