Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Morning Sweep

Equality Florida is encouraging Floridians to send the mayor of Ft. Lauderdale a roll of toilet paper to "help him wipe his dirty mind clean" (according to Exec. Dir. Brian Winfield) after making comments about the need to prevent "homosexual activity" in the city's public restrooms.

The AP profiles Lucas Silveira, the transgender lead singer of the Toronto-based band "The Cliks."Check out the video for their catchy single "Oh Yeah" here.

On the "family values" front: according to GOP Senator David Vitter from Louisiana, marriage is between one man and one woman...and apparently one (so far) prostitute.

In the ubiquitous 20-cover Bono issue of Vanity Fair, Brad Pitt discusses gay rights with South Africa's Anglican Archbishop (Emeritus) Desmond Tutu.

Queerty takes a look at gay and lesbian asylum-seekers looking for refuge in the U.S.

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