Thursday, July 10, 2008

Morning Sweep

The New York Times reports on Gov. Paterson’s intention to sign the Family Court bill into law. The bill opens NY family courts to same sex couples and all families.

Lawmakers in Massachusetts are expected to vote next week on the possibility of repealing the law that makes it illegal for the state to sanction marriages that are not legal where the couple lives. This law is what keeps same-sex couples who don’t live in Mass. from marrying in the state, and if it were repealed, lesbian and gay New Yorkers could be married there and then have their marriages recognized as fully legal back home.

The NYCLU has filed a lawsuit against Blue Cross & Blue Shield on behalf of a Buffalo lesbian couple that has been denied partner health insurance despite being married in Canada two years ago.

Possible McCain choice for Veep Mitt Romney doesn’t think now is the time to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

McCain might not be so thrilled about this new set of wheels set to debut on Fire Island on July 25.

A gay rights organization in Maryland is challenging the signatures on a petition to overturn a county law that prohibits discrimination based on gender identity.

According to the courts in Budapest, pelting marchers in a gay pride parade with eggs is just an exercise in free speech.

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