Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Morning Sweep

A Buffalo lesbian couple that was married in Canada, but denied spousal health benefits by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western New York has succeeded in the fight – the insurance company has agreed to provide spousal coverage for all legally married same-sex couples.

A Guilderland, NY high school teacher who was transferred to middle school because he was accused of creating a hostile environment – including making homophobic remarks - has received support from community members and a national Irish Catholic group.

Former Justice Department officials may have been trying to stack the legal system with conservative prosecutors, immigration judges and other career government lawyers. An internal investigation reveals that applicants for these non-partisan positions were asked about their political views, including their stance on gay marriage and abortion. The applicants’ own sexual orientation could also rule them out for the job – or get them fired if they already had one.

The Mass. House began its debate today on a bill to repeal the 1913 law that keeps out-of-state same-sex couples from marrying there. The Senate has already passed the bill, and the Gov. has pledged to sign it into law if the House passes it.

When you’re fighting against equality, honesty with voters isn’t always the best policy. That’s why proponents of California’s Prop. 8 against same-sex marriage are fighting the new, clearer wording of the proposition that they say will bias people against voting for it.

The man who opened fire on a Knoxville Unitarian church, killing 2 people, left a note that suggests he did so because of the church’s liberal views, including its acceptance of gays.

The Arizona State Senate’s Ethics Committee is investigating the potentially rule-breaking action that broke up a filibuster and led to a same-sex marriage ban amendment being placed on the Nov. ballot.

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