Monday, July 28, 2008

Morning Sweep

WAMC New York news radio interviews a gay couple from High Falls, NY who recently returned home from their wedding in California. Listen to the interview here.

Today's Washington Post ran a poignant story about the issues met by homeless LGBT youth who come to New York City to flee their abusive pasts.

The Baptist Press, one of the leading religious right news services, quotes Pride Agenda E.D. Alan Van Capelle in its report on the momentum pro-LGBT rights legislation will receive in the absence of State Senate Maj. Leader Joe Bruno.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), which campaigns against marriage equality, has set its sights on states that are considering extending marriage rights to same-sex couples -- New York, Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Monica Roberts of Bilerico tells "Why Black Transgender Issues Are Black Community Issues."

Word Perfect founder and LGBT rights activist Bruce Bastian wrote a $1M check to fight California's Proposition 8. Proponents of the marriage ban have already taken in $1.2M from out-of-state supporters. Election officials recently changed the language of Prop 8, which some say might make the initiative easier to beat come November.

A group of gay couples from Minnesota are filing a lawsuit to strike down their own State marriage ban.

An LGBT-inclusive hate crimes bill fails in Pennsylvania.

Queerty tracks McCain's flip-flop on gay adoption.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom tied the knot with actress and producer Jennifer Siebel in Montana yesterday. It's Newsom's second marriage, not counting the handful of same-sex weddings he’s officiated since his inauguration.

Blabbeando has an update on the murder investigation of Angie Zapata, a trans woman in Colorado.

Gay marriage advocates in San Diego staged a boycott of Manchester Grand Hyatt and the Grand Del Mar because the hotels' owner, Doug Manchester, gave $125,000 to Proposition 8.

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