Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pride Agenda at Rochester Pride and Low Tea in the Pines

This past weekend was a busy one for the Pride Agenda, with our organization both marching in Rochester Pride and sponsoring Low Tea in Fire Island Pines. At Rochester Pride, a group of Pride Agenda marchers along with our Field Organizer Todd Plank got huge cheers from the crowd, showing how much our work is appreciated by the Rochester community.

The theme of the parade was “Happily Ever After” and the grand marshals were Pat Martinez and Lisa Golden, in honor of the progress that New York State's recent recognition of gay marriages legally performed in other states and countries has made toward giving same-sex couples an equal opportunity to marry their partners. Many organizations participating in the parade picked up on the wedding theme, including the Rochester chapter of Pride at Work, which created a great float featuring some of the 1,324 “wedding gifts,” or rights and responsibilities granted by the state of New York to legally married couples.

On Fire Island, OffSprung! sponsored Low Tea at the Blue Whale, one of the Pines’ nightly events. OffSprung! volunteers staffed a table in the harbor all day to spread word about how to get involved. Pride Agenda flags were flying in the harbor as people made their way to Low Tea, where they sampled Blue Britneys, a special blue version of a favorite Pines cocktail designed just for the Pride Agenda.

Thanks to everyone who attended this weekend and made both Rochester Pride and Low Tea such great events!

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