Monday, July 21, 2008

Morning Sweep

Rochester's Chief of Police joined the city's LGBT Pride parade on Saturday. The parade's theme, "Happily Ever After," commemorated the NYS marriage directive recognizing the nuptials of gay couples conducted elsewhere.

A Washington Post/ABC News poll shows a big shift in public support for gays serving openly in the military; 75 percent of Americans think gays should be able to serve openly. Republican support on the issue has doubled in the last 15 years.

A Field Poll of likely voters in California shows 51% would not vote away marriage equality in November.

Richard Rubin's op-ed in the Marin Independent Journal asks if California is ready for a governor who champions LGBT equality. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who directed county clerks to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples in 2004, is now a gubernatorial candidate in the Golden State. Yes he can!

Newsweek article tells the story of Larry King, the 15-year-old CA student who was killed by another student because he was gay.

Yet, North Carolina's anti-bullying bill was blocked by Senate because it included language for students' sexual orientation.

Queerty criticizes the DNC's Faith in Action program, whose covenant includes "[to] defeat any efforts to redefine marriage or provide the benefits of marriage to a same-sex union."

A police chief in North Wales, UK comes out in support of transgender citizens, pledging to take on victimization and discrimination faced by trans communities there.

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