Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Morning Sweep

HIV/AIDS infections are increasing in young men (under 30) and specifically among black and Latino men.

Being an openly gay Muslim may be much safer in Europe than in the Middle East, but still brings widespread fear of family abandonment and even in some cases death threats.

The openly gay creator of the ABC show Brothers & Sisters has left the show after some backstage drama and moved back to New York.

40+ gay and lesbian couples in New Hampshire participated in civil union ceremonies on Jan. 1 as the state officially began legally recognizing same-sex relationships.

The Denver Post profiles the difficulties faced by same-sex binational couples, who many times are forced to live apart because of this country's discriminatory immigration laws.

Efforts are underway by anti-gay groups in California to repeal the passage of a bill that forbids discrimination against "actual or perceived" sexual orientation or gender identity/expression in public schools.

Even when it comes to divorce gay couples are often subject to unequal treatment under the law.

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