Thursday, January 3, 2008

Morning Sweep

The 2008 elections officially begin today, and Gay City News Editor in Chief Paul Schindler has some thoughts on the primary process and the need to elect a Democratic president.

Newsday workplace columnist Patricia Kitchen writes about a law firm on Long Island specializing in legal matters for the LGBT community.

Vodafone, a British-based multinational telecommunications company, has blocked some gay news sites from its mobile phone customers, deeming the sites "adult content." New York City's Gay City News is among the banned sites.

Barack Obama released a statement in support of New Hampshire's newly enacted civil unions law. And Chris Crain writes in the San Francisco Bay Times that Obama would be the best Democratic (and therefore the best overall) choice for president.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney's campaign pledges to stop the "militant gays" from changing the "cultural institutions of the country."

Much controversy surrounds the decision by an Oregon judge to delay enacting the Beaver State's domestic partnership law in order to re-examine Oregon's ballot-based initiative system.

Being fired from her job as City Manager of Largo, FL for being transgender apparently wasn't enough to keep Susan Stanton herself from making some transphobic comments.

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