Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Morning Sweep

Barack Obama again mentioned gay people to a (predominantly) non-gay audience yesterday, as he accepted Ted Kennedy's endorsement at American University.

In anticipation of Super Tuesday, Bay Windows provides an LGBT-focused overview of all the presidential candidates.

Andrew Sullivan notes that one of Bush's guests at last night's State of the Union address is an HIV-positive woman from Africa and technically it's illegal for her to enter the country, according to existing laws.

Arizona's largest daily newspaper, The Arizona Republic, has selected an openly gay man as its top editor, making Randy Lovely the only openly gay editor-in-chief of a major daily.

San Francisco's Castro Street is getting an impressive retro-makeover for the upcoming film about Harvey Milk.

Super Bowl advertisers are going to be more conscious of the content of their ads this year after outcries from various advocacy groups over some of last year's commercials, including the Snickers "Gay Kiss" spot.

A transgender woman in Minnesota is seeking Republican endorsement in her race for a seat in the state legislature.

CEOs and other C-suite executives are becoming more comfortable with being open about their sexuality in the workplace.

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