Friday, January 11, 2008

Morning Sweep

As New York City tries to deal with increasing HIV/AIDS infections among young people, a former city employee claims that the NYC Health Department will likely pursue a policy that will shut down bathhouses and other similar venues.

Page Six talks about (openly gay candidate for U.S. Senator in North Carolina) Jim Neal's upcoming NYC fundraiser.

Gay City News notes that our Equality & Justice Day, where more than 1000 LGBT people and straight allies come to Albany to lobby elected officials, has been set for Tuesday, April 29.

New Jersey lawmakers are facing increased pressure to pass a marriage bill soon, but the 2008 elections are likely to guarantee that the bill won't see a vote until next year.

Utah's highly progressive mayor will introduce a domestic partnership ordinance, which will likely pass in the City Council making Salt Lake City the first municipality in the traditionally conservative state to legally recognize same-sex couples.

The trans community has not forgotten--or forgiven--HRC's push for an ENDA that did not include gender identity protections.

A new documentary made by a Chinese filmmaker will look at the double lives that many gay Chinese men lead because of a society that expects men to marry and produce an heir.

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