Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Morning Sweep

Barack Obama, in a speech yesterday commemorating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, talked about the need in black religious communities to change attitudes towards gays and lesbians.

Queerty notes that Hillary Clinton still has the backing of many of NYC's gay politicos: four of the city's LGBT Democratic clubs have endorsed her.

Time Out New York talks with gay author Kai Wright about his new book on life in various parts of New York City for LGBT youth of color.

Researches who released data on the spread of MRSA within communities of gay men in Boston and San Francisco are are upset that their findings are being spun negatively by anti-gay groups across the nation.

NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, AmFAR's Chief Executive Kevin Robert Frost and NYCLU's Executive Director Donna Lieberman all contribute letters to the New York Times in response to the paper's recent editorial on the rise of HIV/AIDS among young gay men and gay men of color.

Gay City News reports on the anti-gay attitudes that still permeate in new European Union member states in Central and Eastern Europe.

GLAAD has announced nominees for its Media Awards, which includes the ABC TV show Brothers & Sisters and the incredibly well done Off-Broadway play "Speech & Debate."

Buffalo's Gay Men's Chorus is gearing up for two big performances this weekend.

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