Monday, January 7, 2008

Morning Sweep

The New York Times has been writing a lot about HIV/AIDS lately, including two articles over the weekend. One looks at President Bush's surprising desire to aggressively tackle the AIDS crisis in Africa and the other looks at the increasing medical problems experienced by those who have been living with HIV/AIDS for several years. Also, in response to an article published on Jan. 2 about the increase in NYC of HIV/AIDS infections among youth (particularly in black and Latino youth), Marjorie Hill, head of GMHC, calls certain politicos to task for failing to pass policy that would go a long way towards educating NYC's various youth populations on preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

With the fight for marriage equality mostly behind them, MassEquality's new chairman has made it one of his primary goal to focus outreach efforts on the Massachusetts' black community.

The Hartford Courant features an article about a lesbian couple and their two sons. The couple are plaintiffs in the court case currently before the Connecticut State Supreme Court that argues that the state's current civil unions law doesn't provide full equality.

Ireland is set to pass a law that would recognize same-sex unions performed in other countries.

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