Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Morning Sweep

Some national activists are calling the new Democratic Platform the most LGBT-inclusive to date.

The group supporting California’s Prop. 8 against same-sex marriage has finally dropped their challenge on the proposition’s wording.

That didn’t stop the prop’s supporters from confounding the L.A. Times with their ridiculous justifications, such as the need to protect children from being “recruited” into homosexuality.

Meanwhile, the California Chief Justice who was part of the landmark decision to allow gay marriage there will face a tough re-election campaign now that he has been labeled an “activist judge.”

The U.S. hasn’t been granting as many requests for asylum for LGBT people from Mexico and other Latin countries with a history of intolerance.

A professor’s guest column in Newsday praises the virtues among the Millenial Generation’s flaws: those born between 1982 believe in a “live and let live” philosophy when it comes to relationships, gay or straight.

Focus on the Family has a new strategy for keeping Obama from becoming president and supporting newfangled protections and rights for same-sex families: pray for rain during his nomination acceptance speech.

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Chino Blanco said...

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