Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Morning Sweep

Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention was all about New York Senator Hillary Clinton, who mentioned the fight for gay rights in her phenomenal speech last night.

The Wall Street Journal's "Numbers Guy" blog looks at the DNC's system of affirmative action when selecting delegates that are an accurate demographic representation of the country. According to these calculations, 6-8% of the delegates at the convention should be LGBT.

Three bloggers from Pam's House Blend are keeping us updated on all of the goings on (specifically relating to LGBT issues) at the Democratic Convention. So does Andy over at Towleroad.

The GOP platform includes a constitutional ban on marriage for same-sex couples, even though the party's presumptive nominee supposedly doesn't support such a ban.

The Williams Institute at UCLA released a census snapshot of same-sex couples living and raising children in New York City. We'll post more on that later.

The Oneonta Daily Star editorializes in favor of the decision by the Otsego County board to overturn the county treasurer, Myrna Thayne's attempt to ban married same-sex couples from receiving spousal benefits as county employees. Said the board's Republican Chair, "[what Thayne did was] wrong and it is wrong, period. Gay people get sick, too, and when they do, they need medical attention."

Cortland resident Kathy Gilleran is trying desperately to find her missing gay son who disappeared in Vienna, Austria last October.

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