Friday, August 15, 2008

Morning Sweep

An editorial in The Journal News talks about the significance and importance of the Safe Schools for All Students Act being introduced in the State Senate.

But some New York gay rights groups are skeptical of the Senate’s actions: they’re worried that the Safe Schools Act is just a gesture and that Senate Republicans won’t work together with other lawmakers to actually pass a cohesive law.

Liz Benjamin comments on our ad on Gay City News’ website in support of Assembly Speaker Silver.

A challenge to a NY state regulation banning the use of Medicaid funds to pay for sex reassignment treatment has been rejected by a US District Judge.

A challenge to Oregon’s domestic partnership law has been thrown out by a federal appeals court.

At the International AIDS Conference, The UN Secretary General called for an end to the homophobia that keeps many AIDS prevention and treatment programs from being fully effective.

“Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” advocate Elaine Donnelly writes in the Chicago Tribune that she fears the "forced intimacy" that straight military members face when forced to be around gays who are attracted to them.

Fox News ran an offensive and hateful segment on the transgender contestant on the newest season of “America’s Next Top Model.” Pam’s House Blend has the details, and the execs to contact to complain.

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B. Wilcox said...

I really appreciate all the effort you put into providing the links to all these interesting articles. It gives me a broad picture of things that are happening all over that affect our community, and I learn so much that I wouldn't be able to get on my own. Thanks, B. Wilcox