Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Morning Sweep

County will no longer offer health care benefits to the same-sex partners of its employees. County Treasurer Myrna Thayne, who made the change in a July 15 memo, says she did it to “save the taxpayers money.”

Should we be upset that the new Democratic Platform doesn’t directly mention LGBT people? Queerty says no.

Internet businessman Jared Polis has won the primary race in Colorado, and he is now slated to win a spot in the U.S. House as the third openly gay Representative.

Maryland’s highest court will decide if a proposition to overturn the state’s new law that provides protections for transgender individuals will make it on to the Nov. ballot.

A LGBT Mormon group has made its disappointment public that the Church of Latter Day Saints hasn’t responded promptly to its request for dialogue.

The Arizona Republic reports than an increasing number of straight couples are making statements in support of same-sex marriage at their weddings. You can read our suggestions for New York couples looking to do the same here.

The Seattle Times profiles Israel as a new gay travel hotspot.

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