Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Morning Sweep

Khadijah Farmer, who was kicked out of a women's restroom in the Caliente Cab Company restaurant last June because a bouncer mistook her for a man, filed a lawsuit against the restaurant yesterday.

"Dear Abby" columnist Jeanne Phillips has announced that she's all for marriage equality and will receive an award from PFLAG called "Straight for Equality," which honors straight allies who are making an impact within the LGBT rights movement.

T.R. Knight is the star of the first of GLAAD's "Be An Ally and A Friend" PSA campaign.

Finally, the BEST analysis of the Larry Craig situation was on last weekend's SNL Weekend Update. Check it out below.

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Unknown said...

Khadijah Farmer and her lawyer were interviewed by Meredith Viera Thursday (10/11/07) on NBC's Today Show. Ms. Viera made a great point that Ms. Farmer's case is only able to be heard because New York City has a law against gender identification discrimination. It's refreshing to see mainstream shows such as NBC's Today Show tackling topics as important as these to the LGBTQ community. See the video clip by cutting and pasting the address below: