Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Morning Sweep

Brett Krutzsch writes a great column in Newsday about how the Larry Craig scandal has resurfaced old stereotypes about gay people.

Rudy Giuliani apparently told Family Research Council's Tony Perkins that he would support a constitutional amendment on marriage if several states started passing marriage equality laws or DOMA was threatened.

The Spencer, NY high school student who was sent home for wearing a "gay? fine by me." t-shirt has been vindicated.

California Governor (and marriage bill veto-er) Arnold Schwarzenegger is urging Republican presidential candidates to focus on issues that appeal to the center, rather than constantly pandering to the religious right on issues like gay marriage and abortion.

Barack Obama is getting a lot of flak over his decision to campaign with an anti-gay gospel singer in South Carolina.

After answering questions posed by Sen. Russ Feingold, Bush's nominee for U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey appears to be relatively pro-gay.

Openly gay candidate for Colorado's 2nd House District (Boulder) Jared Polis is not happy that he was excluded from a campaign training conference. Similarly, Jim Neal, running against Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina, has seemed to slip of the DSCC's radar. If elected, Polis/Neal would be the first openly gay men elected to the House of Representatives/U.S. Senate--something that Democrats should embrace.

Radar brings us the world's gayest logos. (via Good As You)

Brits react (very favorably!) to Dumbledore's coming out party.

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Jo-Ann said...

Giuliani takes pandering to new heights by promising the right wing to support a federal marriage amendment if states vote to legalize gay marriage. What a spineless opportunist.