Thursday, October 18, 2007

Transgender-less ENDA advances

The House Education and Labor Committee today advanced the non-transgender inclusive ENDA bill to the House floor. The Gay City News has the most complete coverage.

Four New York Representatives are on the committee. Only Yvette Clarke, Democrat of Brooklyn, voted no to sending the bill to the floor. The remaining three: Carolyn McCarthy, Democrat of Nassau; Timothy Bishop, Democrat of Suffolk; and Randy Kuhl, Republican of Southwestern New York all voted to send the non-inclusive bill to the floor.

Three other Democratic Representatives opposed advancing the stripped version of the bill. They were: Rush Holt of Princeton, NJ; Linda Sanchez of Los Angeles, CA; and Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland, OH.

Rep. Tammy Baldwin plans on introducing an amendment on the floor to add gender identity language to the bill, but it's unclear as to whether or not the votes are there to approve the amendment.

Read House Education and Labor Committee press release on the vote here.
Read Committee Chairman George Miller's statement on the vote here.

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